Cofidis Team has finished the Vuelta this Sunday in Madrid and has taken the final podium with the best climber jersey won by Guillaume Martin. This gives them a good reason to look forward to the next season with enthusiasm.
They have covered 2,882.8 km in three weeks and that is a remarkable achievement by any standards. Especially in the time of the growing health crisis throughout Europe. And because the Vuelta gave no respite, the passes that were chained and the multiple difficulties to overcome. And even more -  the riders had to withstand the cold, the wind and sometimes the rain. 
A team with a strong bond
But the Cofidis team took up the challenge with enthusiasm and talent. The two riders who discovered the difficulty of a big Tour, Victor Lafay (24 years old), showed great performance in the mountains and in the hilly stages. Emmanuel Morin (25 years old), showed his good form in the sprint: after having finished 9th in the 4th stage, he took a prestigious 5th place this Sunday evening in Madrid. 
Pierre-Luc Périchon and the Spaniards José Herrada and Luis Angel Maté were also particularly helpful, especially to support their leader, Guillaume Martin. It should be noted that Luis Angel Maté was on his last day of racing this Sunday with Cofidis team, he has been supporting the riders of the northern team for the last ten seasons. 

Martin, 6 'top 10', 7 breakaways and 1 distinctive jersey
Guillaume Martin, who had finished best Frenchman of the last Tour de France, did justice to his ranking. Very often, the rider from Normandy was a very good animator of the race. He has been in 7 breakaways, has signed 6 'top 10', and has been named 4 times the most competitive rider of the race, but most of all, he successfully won and kept the polka-dot jersey of best climber. 
Since last Thursday and the 15th stage, he was sure to keep it all the way to Madrid. All the efforts made by the riders allowed Cofidis to finish in a more than honourable 6th place in the team classification. 

A jersey that brings back beautiful memories
Guillaume Martin thus continues to write the beautiful story of the Cofidis team at the Vuelta. Before him, Nicolas Edet (in 2013) and especially David Moncoutié (in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011) managed to keep this jersey until Madrid. They are really pleased to see Guillaume following in their footsteps (see below). 
The images of the team leader climbing on the final podium in the Spanish capital thus complete this very special 2020 season. All the riders and the staff are already looking forward to the next season with the desire to do their best to honour the colours of Cofidis once again.

« Wearing this polka-dot jersey is a great source of pride. It is a very symbolic jersey when you are a climber and very popular too. It is even more valuable because our team has a special history with this jersey, with David Moncoutier and Nicolas Edet. To wear it during my first season at Cofidis is a promising start. The way I conquered it changed my habits. This time, I rode in a relaxed way, attacking very often. I took a lot of pleasure in racing like that. »
"The outcome of this Vuelta is more than satisfactory. I am proud of what we have accomplished and I would like to warmly congratulate the whole team, riders and staff for this great performance. The Cofidis team has been proactive and adventurous, it has taken charge of its responsibilities and the jersey of the best climber has quickly become our main goal. We’ve finished 6th in the team classification. Guillaume is crowned best climber and was omnipresent throughout the 3 weeks. He has been an exemplary leader and has enabled the whole team to grow.
Emmanuel Morin and Victor Lafay have fulfilled their promises by finishing their first big Tour. Pierre Luc Perichon, Luis Angel Maté and José Herrada also contributed to the success of the team. Special thoughts for Natnael (Berhane) and Fernando (Barcelo) who gave their maximum but had to leave the race early. We finished brilliantly this very special season and I am sure that this dynamic will intensify even more in 2021".
... David MONCOUTIER: "Of course, this jersey brings back very good memories. Guillaume (Martin) went to get it, often in the breakaways, showing himself to be very competitive. I am very proud to have worn it and I am proud to know that Guillaume did the same. He has been impressive throughout the season and he has managed to stay in constant shape. Once again the Cofidis team is very successful on the Vuelta and we can only be happy about that". 
... Nicolas EDET: 
"I am very happy for Guillaume (Martin). It's been a few years since the team didn't win this distinctive jersey. Luis (Angel Maté) was not far behind and when I wore it, it was 2013. It's a beautiful symbol that the team has won it back again. Guillaume has done a superb Vuelta, it is the kind of cycling that I like and it is obviously very encouraging for the next season".



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